Restorative Dentistry in Durham, NC

Put simply, restorative dentistry comes after preventative dentistry has failed to do its job. Restorative dentistry involves managing your dental health as well as restoring your teeth and mouth to an aesthetic and functional state. Typically, a general dentist performs restorative dentistry procedures without any specialty. However, some restorative procedures may need an oral surgeon as recommended by your dentist. For example, some restorative dentistry procedures include crowns, fillings, veneers, partial dentures, full dentures, dental implants, and bridges.

At Better Dentistry in Durham, they will do all that they can to restore your mouth to its former glory no matter what your specific situation is. If you have recently suffered from severe tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, severe staining, or some other complicated dental issue, you may be a good candidate for restorative dentistry.

Smile Restoration

Which restorative procedure your dentist recommends will depend on the severity of your specific injury or the decay of your teeth. If your tooth has not reached a critical point, simply removing a cavity and placing a dental filling may be enough to restore your smile. In other cases, however, a simple cleaning and dental filling may not be enough. Sometimes, a more serious approach is needed, and a surgical implant may be necessary to restore the strength of your jawbone as well as give you a more natural look.

After having a tooth chipped, damage, or cracked, You may wish to restore your smile to the way it looks before. Thankfully, this is possible with restorative dentistry, and even more! More than just making your smile look better, restorative dentistry improves your oral health and reduces your chances of developing more harmful dental decay.

Replacing Teeth

One of the biggest aspects of restorative dentistry is replacing teeth that have been knocked out due to injury or have fallen out due to decay. Our goal at Better Dentistry is to preserve our client’s smiles in Durham as much as possible. Replacing teeth with a dental bridge, prosthetic implant, or even dentures can preserve the remaining surrounding teeth. If there is any gap left in your jawline after a tooth is removed, the surrounding teeth suddenly become vulnerable to decay and floating. This can also weaken your jaw bone.

If you have any more questions regarding restorative dentistry or if restorative dentistry is for you, please contact Better Dentistry in Durham today.

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