Family Dentistry in Durham, NC

Dr. Silvoy specializes in dental services for the whole family. Starting at the age of one, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their teeth examined twice a year. A basic teeth cleaning, exam, and topical fluoride treatment are used to prevent poor dental health. Additionally, our Raleigh and Durham dental offices perform fillings, sealants, and bonding for minor tooth chips.

We recommend dental sealants for permanent molars. These sealants are quick and painless and help to prevent tooth decay caused by biting surfaces. We pay close attention to your child’s teeth as they develop. Between ages six and seven, most dental problems will be evident, including malocclusions (bad bites). Routine check-ups can help catch any potential issues before they become too severe.

Nothing to fear!

We know that young children can be scared and uncooperative at the dentist. We work hard to make sure your child feels as comfortable as possible while they are at our office to give them a positive dental experience.

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