Presentation at Dental Conference about New Time Saving Software

Presentation at Dental Conference about New Time Saving Software

Dec 05, 2014

Dr. Silvoy spoke at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in December. This event is the largest and most popular dental exposition and convention in the United States. This year’s event attracted 52,700 dentists, hygienists, dental technicians, dental students, and staff.

Dr. Silvoy presented alongside Larry Bodony, the President of Exocad America, which is the leading Dental CAD software.  They have been working together to create a new and revolutionary platform for labs and clinicians to work better together.

They presented a talk on Wed, Dec 3rd about “The Five Questions You Need to Ask yourself Before you Buy a Chairside System.”

The talk addressed a challenge dentists have been facing – the amount of time they need to spend using CAD and CAM software when fabricating restorative dental products such as fillings, crowns and bridges, and dentures for their patients. The Exocad system is designed to streamline the process, allowing the dentist more time to treat their patients effectively. Their software is supported by labs, strengthening the relationship between the dentists treating the patient and the laboratory creating the materials.

This software allows cutting edge dentists like Dr. Silvoy to spend more time focusing on his patients and their needs and less time going back and forth communicating with labs.

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