Dentistry While Pregnant

Dentistry While Pregnant

Aug 24, 2015

You go to your doctor for routine check-ups with your body, but what your OB-GYN doesn’t check is your oral health. Maintaining good oral health while pregnant is totally safe and something that is often overlooked during the duration of pregnancy. As your hormones change, your risk of developing gum disease increases.

Keeping your oral health in good standing all year long will help in case you can’t get a routine check-up in before you get pregnant. With increased risk for periodontal disease, dental appointments are more necessary than ever. Once you reach your second trimester, your dentist will work with you to keep dental exams safe and healthy for both you and your baby, putting off any elective dental procedures until after the baby is born.

Dental procedures such as root canals, x-rays, or other procedures that require anesthesia can be postponed until after the baby is born. Even in the event of an emergency, advanced dental technology has made x-rays much safer, and our dental staff will use cautionary measures to keep mom and baby safe.

During pregnancy, pay attention to symptoms such as tenderness in the gums, bleeding gums, swelling, or other unusual pains. If you notice any of these, contact your Raleigh dentist immediately. These could be signs of periodontal disease and should be treated right away.

If you have questions about the safety of dentistry while pregnant, call our friendly staff at Better Dentistry.

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